Masonry Heaters

    Stucco -  Jay, NY


  • Brick w/ soapstone bench - Vermontville, NY

  • Soapstone - Clintonville, NY

  • Demary Heater

    Tile - AuSable Forks, NY


  • Vandersnow

    Brick & stone - Saranac Lake, NY

Consider the benefits of this Centuries old technology that combines the present day science of solid (wood) fuel combustion with the architectural excellence of masonry, stone, stucco and tile.

Masonry Heaters differ most significantly from their Western “woodstove” counterparts in that they are typically made from earthen materials like firebrick, common brick, clay, mortar and tile or fireproof concrete based materials.  They differ “functionally” in their highly efficient use of the same amount of fuel and their comfortable “slow release” of heat into the environment of the home. 

We specialize in the Finnish designed, Contra-Flow heater, but also offer:

  • German Kachelofen
  • Russian designed space heater/s
  • Swedish Kachelugen ((5 channel top vent)